Director of Integrated Behavioral Health Services, Valley Health Partners Community Health Center

Tommy Acevedo, MSW, LCSW

Nestor “Tommy” Acevedo, MSW, LCSW is a 2013 graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, where he completed his Masters degree in Social Work, with a combined concentration in Group Work, and Puerto Rican/Latin affairs.

Prior to joining the 17th Street Team with LVHN in 2017, Tommy lived in Connecticut, where he practiced as a Transplant Social Worker, at Hartford Hospital’s Transplant and Comprehensive Liver Center.

Tommy completed his academic internships at Hartford Community Correctional Center, while also managing a NIDA grant funded research study on Drug Abuse Treatment during incarceration. Tommy has practiced as both an outpatient, and in-home, Multi Systemic Therapy clinician for both pediatric, and adult populations, with both mental health, and substance abuse diagnoses. Tommy was a clinical supervisor for a Men’s Parole based outpatient Mental Health Clinic prior to moving to Pennsylvania.

Tommy joined the 17th Street community as a Social Worker at the Community Care Team “Hub” in 2017, prior to transitioning to a position as a Behavioral Health Specialist at the VHP Family Health Center. After acquiring his LCSW in both Connecticut and Pennsylvania, Tommy transitioned to the Manager of Social Services position at Valley Health Partners in August 2021, where he provided oversight to VHP’s Social Workers, Social Service Coordinators, Community Health Workers, and Medication Assistance Coordinators.

Tommy helped plan, and operationalize, the Uber Health, and Findhelp initiatives, which are now operating within the majority of practices at VHP. In April of 2022, Tommy was promoted to Director of Integrated Behavioral Health Services, where he oversees all Behavioral Health Operations in the eight clinics in which Behavioral Health Services are offered at Valley Health partners.

Tommy is extremely passionate about his work with the 17th Street Community, and in addressing the Social Determinants of Health, and behavioral health needs, which uniquely, and disproportionately impact the 17th Street patient population.

Tommy’s primary focus as Director is to continue to expand the availability of Behavioral Health services to the most vulnerable, and underserved members of our community, while continuing to meet the growing need for Behavioral Health services, since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Tommy is a licensed pilot, and avid aviator, who enjoys flying both helicopters, and airplanes in his free time. Tommy and his wife Christina, are the proud parents of 3 children (Adrian, Liam and Mariana), who they enjoy traveling with as often as possible.

Tommy is honored to be a member of the 8th Cohort of the Fellowship and looks forward to strengthening VHP’s collaboration with its community members, and key stakeholders.