Pool Speaker series

Community Heals: Dr. Ken Thompson, Brigit Hassig, and the Development of ICT | HealthBEAT

June 26, 2023

Ed Meehan of the Leonard Parker Pool Institute of Health and WDIY's Greg Capogna welcomed Dr. Ken Thompson and Brigit Hassig from the Visible Hands Collaborative for a discussion about mental health and Integrative Community Therapy (ICT).

They talk about how ICT was founded by Dr. Adalberto Barreto in Brazil, how it draws people together to create a safe space for others to share their topics of concern or life experiences, as well as how ICT is being adapted to work in communities in the Lehigh Valley, across Pennsylvania, and throughout the world.

In an exclusive web-only after show, the group discusses the state of mental health in the country today.