Bridget I Rassler is the Director of Finance and Administration for The Leonard Parker Pool Institute for Health.  Prior to the Pool Institute for Health, Rassler served as the Manager of Finance and Administration for The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust and The Rider-Pool Foundation.  She has been with the two organization since 1989.

Rassler oversees all financial operations and administrative function, ensuring financial integrity and accountability and maintaining internal controls. She manages the infrastructure and systems needed to support The Institute and The Foundation’s strategic objectives and oversees administrative and financial systems including finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, communications, and physical infrastructure.  She is the liaison to the Board for The Institute and Foundation, and she is the lead staff person on audits, legal and finance matters. In addition, Rassler oversees vendor and consultant contracts for the organizations, and is the lead coordinator of site visits, conferences, and symposia related to the programs within the Institute and Foundation focus areas.

Rassler obtained her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration from DeSales University.