Pool Speaker Series Continues with Peter Langman, PhD

Pool Speaker Series Continues with Peter Langman, PhD

May 7, 2024

Recently, we continued the Pool Speaker Series by welcoming Peter Langman, PhD, national expert on the psychology of school shooters and other perpetrators of mass violence. 

Peter Langman, PhD

Dr. Langman also authored the book “Warning Signs.” In his presentation he identified common misconceptions about school shooters, differentiated between the three psychological types of shooters (psychopathic, psychotic and traumatized), explained warning signs of impending or potential violence, and discussed barriers to recognizing and reporting warning signs.

As we work to support community well-being, we aim to increase awareness of the warning signs of mass violence so together we can work toward preventing incidents in our community. We thank Dr. Langman for offering his expertise, and for his continued dedication to researching such a difficult, but important topic. 

Dr. Langman's full lecture is available to watch here: