Bobby Milstein, PhD

Stewardship with Bobby Milstein, PhD

June 29, 2023

On April 20, 2023, Bobby Milstein, PhD, Director of System Strategy with ReThink Health at The Rippel Foundation, joined us to kick off our new ‘Pool Speaker Series.’ In his presentation, Milstein described the evolving role of hospitals in addressing factors outside of the health care system that impact health and well-being over time, with an emphasis on stewardship. Additionally, he introduced the concept of vital conditions, or the properties of places and institutions that all people need for health and well-being, that lead to thriving communities.

We thank Dr. Milstein for his visit and look forward to welcoming him back to Allentown again in the near future!


Check out Dr. Milstein's article in Health Affairs, “Organizing Around Vital Conditions Moves The Social Determinants Agenda Into Wider Action” here